this course will enable students to explore creative means of expression by using appropriate digital techniques and software packages such as Adobe Photoshop. Image generation and manipulation will be encouraged alongside experimentation within a Fine Art context; however, this course will give students opportunity to explore the possibilities of image production and techniques retouching, fixing, enhancing images. Adobe Photoshop will be used as a bitmap graphics and many assignments and projects will be taken to demonstrate high skills of image editing.

SYNOPSIS  This course will show how advertising strategies are translated into creative briefs and massage strategies that guide the creative process. Great advertising characteristics will be examined along with the styles of thinking and the nature of creativity.

OBJECTIVE  At the end of this course the students are expected to:

  1. Expand their imagination and produce creative ideas in their projects.
  2. Students will be able to differentiate great advertising from ordinary.
  3. This course will explain to students the role of the creative brief and its effect on the artistic expression in an ad or commercial.

In this course, students will achieve a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts, applications, techniques, and terminologies of both computer graphics and multimedia.